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Simly Team
February 4, 2023

Haven’t you wished for a trip with no worries about how to stay connected? You won’t be happy to spend time buying a SIM card, right? Don’t worry. No more waiting queues to get your SIM card, nor searching for an eject pin!

We’ve got your back! At Simly, you can get your eSIM with a few clicks and a smile.

Getting an eSIM is a game changer while abroad, and here are some benefits.

1. No hassle, no SIM card

It’s time for you to travel peacefully without worrying about staying connected. It’s time for you to forget about swapping SIM cards, and probably losing them in the process. Opting for an eSIM will save you the hassle, and it’s easy. Download the Simly App, and with a few clicks you’ll have the plan that suits your needs. 

travel esim

2. No more waiting queues

Say goodbye to the stress of getting a SIM card at the airport once you land: better to use that time to start thinking of an amazing fruitful stay. The wait is literally over, since you already have your eSIM installed and ready. All you need to do is activate it, and you’ll be connected to the  4G network the moment you reach your destination.

travel esim

Stay Connected
Wherever you are

Before we created Simly, we first took a look at what our vision was with regards to eSIMs. Then we carved out our mission.


3. Stay connected wherever you are and forget about wifi

Relying on local wifi while traveling? Not a really good idea. You’ve already tried, and you know it. Wifi network is usually unstable, supposing it’s always available – it’s not. 

With eSIMs, the chance of staying connected to the network wherever you go is 100%. Yes, we guarantee that.

travel esim

4. No more high roaming bills

You had probably used roaming services, and you can tell how inconvenient it is. Roaming charges can be quite high and result in expensive bills back home, to say the least. For an eSIM, roaming would be old-fashioned. And in this case, luckily, being trendy costs you less, much less! Simly provides affordable, flexible plans. Easy to get, and easy on the pocket. 

travel esim

5. No need for dual SIM phones

You can travel with your dual SIM device, or you used to think you needed to, but you don’t have to. An eSIM, being embedded, doesn’t require a SIM card slot, so you can install it on your smartphone as long as it’s eSIM compatible. With a Simly eSIM, the device can have multiple profiles that can be activated or deactivated as needed, so it will work in the same way as a dual SIM phone, but without the need for a physical SIM slot.

We’ve mentioned some of the benefits, but the list is long. Are you planning on your next trip? Are you going there for work or pleasure? Whatever the case, Simly eSIMs are the best option for you to stay connected and just think about “Where Next?”

travel esim

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