4 Reasons Why Roaming Plans are so Costly.. and How eSIMs Can Help

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Simly Team
March 20, 2023

It is very simple to think of the way your home data network works: easy, planned, and predictable. But when it comes to using data away from home, things can get out of control. Additionally, surprising charges can be very painful!

So what is Data Roaming?

Data roaming is the ability to use your mobile device to access the internet and other data services when you are outside of your home network. It allows you to stay connected to 4G networks while abroad. But while data roaming is very convenient, it is also very expensive and can be simply avoided.

How? The answer is easy: Digital SIM from Simly. We’ve got your back with our prepaid plans.

Here is what you need to know about the high-cost roaming services, and meet your alternative.

1. The foreign network controls the rate – unfortunately

While roaming, the foreign carrier may control the rates of the services you use while connected to its network. These rates may be different from the rates you are charged by your home service provider while using your device in your home country. 

In fact, these rates are based on bilateral agreements and sometimes your home carrier has a hard time getting the best rates.

2. Lack of Transparency

You pay a very overpriced roaming bill without fully knowing how things got there. We totally understand! We’ve all been there. 

But why? Because exceeding the plan you’ve subscribed to is so easy!

Telecom companies provide daily flat rates that may seem clear, but the case is that it won’t ever be enough. You’ll end up exceeding the quota and paying very high bills, so don’t get fooled by the fine print! 

A thing that’s worth mentioning here is the high-cost “unlimited per day” plans. These promise you unlimited consumption that you don’t even need when a traveler’s data usage is only 500 MB/day for average users. 

By forecasting your consumption you’ll know how to choose data plans that suit your needs.

3. Little Flexibility

You only need data? Still, you may have to pay for a whole package of features and services that you don’t need! That is another problem with international roaming: you sometimes can’t control the features you get. 

So while traveling, a daily roaming plan will cost you way higher than it would cost if you were to choose solely the service you need.

Conversely – in some cases –  if you were to opt for data, you will no longer have access to your primary line.
Not to mention the postpaid roaming fees ending in surprise bills back home, the thing that brings the flexibility level down to its lowest.

4. Technical Challenges

Have you ever experienced connectivity issues abroad? Well, providing data roaming services can be quite tricky due to technical challenges.

In order to provide data roaming services, mobile network operators need to invest in equipment and technologies that can support connectivity to different networks and technologies, which can be quite expensive.

Moreover, mobile network operators also need to ensure that their systems and protocols are compatible with those of foreign operators to ensure seamless connectivity for their customers. This adds to the cost!

All these technical challenges can result in slower data speeds or dropped connections, which can make it even more frustrating!

Roaming Charges is not what you need. So what instead?

Simly eSIMs no doubt. Why? It offers you everything that data roaming does not.

  • Prepaid. So you know exactly what you are paying before you leave home.
  • Competitive rates. You get the plan you need at an affordable low cost.
  • Transparent and straightforward. You have a clear idea about the validity of your eSIM, and the amount of data you get.

Highly flexible. You need data? Data is what you get, and still have access to your primary number. And we will be clearly telling you when your data plan activates.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the same convenience of a regular SIM card with more and way better rates! 

Download the SimlyApp today!

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