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Whether you’re looking to wave roaming charges goodbye or find an internet alternative, Simly has your back!

international esim
international esim

Who we are

International eSIM - Simly

Simply, we’re Simly, but you already knew that!

We’re your new secure and encrypted data connection wherever you are.

We’re your super-simple and super-transparent, no-surprise fees substitute for your traditional SIM card.



Compatible Devices

International eSIM

Why We Are?

We built Simly to provide low-cost international eSIM packages and keep you connected wherever, whenever.

We’re built with you in mind, with innovation as the secret ingredient and connectivity as the end goal!

The world stops at nothing, so don’t spend a minute disconnected!

Where Next?

Yep, that’s our slogan!

Enjoy your break, and don’t worry about how you connect to the web when you get to wherever you’re going.

Simply plan your next adventure hassle-free, feel the excitement of traveling, and leave your connection to us!

International esim



To see everyone connected without hassle or letup



To create borderless data connections wherever, whenever



Turning Simly into the travel industry game changer, both locally and internationally



To create a range of eSIM packages that are affordable and trouble-free

Meet the Simly team!

You can now put a face to Simly, and a name, too!

Jake El Mir

CEO & Co-Founder

  • Forbes 30 Under 30 at 17
  • Youngest Arab to be awarded the Apple WWDC Scholarship
  • Dubai Youth and Innovation Award
  • 25+ Top Charts Apps

Marc Kanaan

COO & Co-Founder

  • Operational and BD Manager
  • BS & MS in Lebanese and French Law
  • Previous Talent Relationship
  • Creative Direction


Sarah Fleihan


Combining marketing, data analytics, project management and digital growth from her roles at TikTok and Careem.

Bob Sabra


Startup mentor with previous Exit on his track record and Founder of Hovi – leader in Digital Sales and Marketing.

Jad Hamadeh


Business Development specialist with experience in founding global businesses and forming partnerships.

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Explore the freedom of connectivity. Explore the world. Explore Simly.

Connect with us - International eSIM
Connect with us - international esim
connect with us - International esim plans
connect with us - international esim